Lactose Monohydrate

Lactose Monohydrate
Lactose Monohydrate
Product Description

Lactose (C12H22O11) is milk sugar. It is a disaccharide composed of one galactose and one glucose molecule. In the pharmaceutical industry, lactose is used to help form tablets because it has excellent compressibility properties. It is also used to form a diluent powder for dry-powder inhalations. Lactose may be listed as lactose hydrous, lactose anhydrous, lactose monohydrate, or lactose spray-dried.

Chemical Names:5989-81-1; Alpha-D-Lactose monohydrate; Alpha-Lactose monohydrate; Lactose                                    monohydrate; Lactose, monohydrate; A-Lactose monohydrate

Molecular Formula: C12H24O12

Molecular Weight:  360.312 g/mol

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