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An Introduction

Established in the year 2017, Rewine Pharmaceutical is positioned at Surat (Gujarat). Under the headship of our efficient Director, Mr. Hardik Dhorajiya. Human body in its lifetime suffers from several infections, caused by fungus, bacterial and many other micro-organisms. Some infections even take the sufferer to bed, make him/her unable to move and do his daily life chores. To treat infections, medical science has invented some pharmaceuticals, consumption of which is totally depends on the recommendation of medical expert or doctor. Rewine Pharmaceutical is an initiative of its founders to serve quality Infections Treating Pharmaceuticals. The company is export oriented, i.e, serves its entire range of Pharma Products from Allopathic Products, Himalaya Herbals Products, Ayurveda Products and Other Herbal Products  to the retailers, distributors, wholesalers, chemists chains and many other dealers who are based in abroad. Our manufacturer and exporter company has a group of highly qualified pharmacists, who utilize their up-to-date knowledge to process the most effective medicines for treating diseases. As our medicines are for consumption purpose, a little ignorance with their quality can give very harmful results, we make sure to prepare them as per WHO recommended composition guidelines and other standards. Further, all our offerings are packed in a sealed material and then well labelled to serve them to customers.

Our Facilities

As we deal in foreign markets, we understand dense competition and need of making ourselves capable to tackle it, and for this, we have maintained sound facilities. In our world class infrastructure set up, tasks of processing, storage, quality checking and packing of our pharmaceuticals take place. What other company lacks is what we have up-to-date machines for all the processes, use of them boost our working speed.

Reasons Behind Globally Increasing Infectious Diseases

We have recently started business in the pharmaceutical sector, which is highly competitive and majorly hold by big brands. Getting orders from medical experts over those established brands is really tough but inspite of this fact, we are impressing doctors and making our place in their recommendations list. Our business was started after years of market analysis and several researches, we found that there several infectious diseases that are harming people across the world. Fungi, bacteria and viruses are now spreading around the world with great speed and effectiveness than ever before, some of the reasons we analyzed behind this and then started business in this are:
  • In history, people used to live in small disparate bands, had less connectivity to each other. But today the movement of people and their goods is happening at highly fast rate, bringing diseases & infections of a place to another.
  • Urbanization- Now a day, people are moving from small places to densely populated environments, chances of spreading infections are high in such areas.
  • Pervasive Poverty- When viruses/ bacteria or any such infection strike weakened or impoverished health system, there becomes high chances of them to thrive & kill people.
  • Climatic Changes- There are many diseases such as bird flu, dengue, chikungunya, cholera, etc. are being made worse due to climatic changes. Environment is a factor which sometimes matter even more than personal behavior & living habits of human to harm them.
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